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Meet the Team

Jane Johnston - Managing Director

Short Bio: Jane has since been in travel her entire career. Starting with Ansett Holidays in 1981, Jane continued working for Qantas and Thomas Cook before becoming a locum for agencies around Hobart in Tasmania. In 1995 she decided to embark on her own agency and because of her knowledge called it “Know How”. During this stage she was the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Sorell and organised the Bushranger Festival and was in charge of setting up the Sorell Online Access Centre and Visitor Information Centre. As a singer/songwriter she also won the Song of Sorell competition. Her website Australian Discount Travel & Tours was the first online booking travel site in Australia and she was the biggest seller of Virgin and Qantas online at one stage. In 2006 Travel with a Cause was set up to pour profits into third world countries

Places I've visited: Fiji 17 times...yep it is my second home and I was married on the beach in the Yasawas , and then many different times over the years including Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Macau, India, Nepal, South Africa, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, UK, USA, Canada, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Noumea, New Zealand! Still want to visit the rest of the world but mainly South America , Russia and Central America.

Favourite travel destination: Canada.

Why? I lived there for a year in 1980 as a Rotary Exchange student and love the people and the magnificent surrounds. I have been back twice since, and just recently took my daughter to Whistler and caught up with friends and host parents.

Most memorable travel experience: Crash landing in Katmandhu Nepal with Air India in 1991.

Travel Tips: Roll you clothes to fit more in and always take Tampertell's so you can see if anyone has been in your bags.

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: Bathers, I figure there is always somewhere to swim.

My dream holiday: Anywhere tropical with great snorkelling or where there is excellent skiing!

Allan Branch - Director

Short Bio: Since 1997 Allan has been travelling the world building or rebuilding international companies. This is most often as an executive director, and at times it has been companies in severe financial, technological or commercial stress, an area in which he has developed specialized methodologies and which are the subject of an upcoming management book (“Save the Day: How to Save Any Failed or Failing Company Without Downsizing”). “Any hatchet man can fix a company short term by sacking people. Nothing clever in that!” Companies have been of all sizes and industries, with differing problems and at various stages in their life cycles. They have included resources like Krucible Metals (Qld), accounting and financial services like True North Group (Australia) or ReadyTestGo (LA), FMCG like International Organics and Hartz Mineral Waters, biotechs in Zurich and Pittsburgh, dotcoms in Chennai and San Jose, multimedia in Sydney and Los Angeles, retailing, construction, medical technology in New Jersey and the UK, management services, manufacturing of products like paint, cosmetics, construction materials, and non-profit organizations like Arts Horizons in New Jersey, aged health care in NY and public radio in Tasmania.

Current Position: Allan has recently completed restructuring an Adelaide group of companies pioneering international billing and payments software for tier 1 telcos, and  state-of-the-art Formula 1000 racing car design, development and manufacturing in Thailand. He is now pursuing a renewable energy thermal storage technology project.

Richard Parker - Director

Richard Parker has worked with the company since its inception. He has a background of over 30 years at management level in the service and business arenas and operated a travel agency for a number of years. Whilst committed to customer service, Richard’s true passion lies with the humanitarian side of the company, with a special interest in African poverty.  On behalf of Travel with a Cause, he has worked on projects in Zamia and Kenya and is currently seeking to improve education and self-help projects to needy women and children of Kibera Slum, Nairobi.

Richard has Two degrees in International Relations and Journalism.


Peter Bahr -International Travel Consultant

Places I've visited: USA, New Zealand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Venice, Croatia, Greek Islands, Ephesus (Turkey),Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga & New Caledonia.

Favourite travel destination: 

Amazing variety in a small geographical area

Most memorable travel experience: 
My wife & I flying into Sydney in the cockpit of a Boeing 767 aircraft  & coming out of the clouds to land on the North/South runway, which meant flying over the city. The first sight coming out of the clouds was the Sydney Harbour Bridge& the Opera House, which we felt we could reach out & touch – was like a dream.

Calypso Ayres- Travel Consultant

Places I've visited: Fiji, Vietnam, Singapore, Hawaii, New Zealand, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Norfolk Island.

Favourite travel destination:

Why? I just love the laid back and friendly culture and the warm weather!

Most memorable travel experience: Going to Agroventures adventure park in Rotorura, New Zealand, and doing the giant Swoop!

Travel Tips: Relax and just enjoy it!  

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport.

The best thing about my job is: I love that for some clients, I am assisting them make their dreams a reality. I also love how travelling the world is a necessity for my job.

My dream holiday: Is to one day (hopefully soon) travel around Australia in a campervan with a group of mates.

Amy - Travel Consultant

Places I’ve visited:
Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Los Angeles, Queensland, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Favourite travel destination: Fiji.

Why? I fell in love with the laid back lifestyle and the beautiful islands and coral reefs.

Most memorable travel experience:  Skiing down Whistler in Canada.

Travel Tips:
Be prepared, don’t forget your passport.

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is:
Comfy pyjamas.

My dream holiday: Exploring the Mediterranean, the Greek islands and snorkeling.

Jazz Adaszynski - Travel Consultant

Places I've visited: Thailand (twice), Hawaii and Bali .

Favourite travel destination:

Why? It was absolutely incredible, everything about it was beautiful down to the environment and the people.

Most memorable travel experience: Riding elephants in Thailand and snorkeling in the stunning waters of Hanauma bay in Honolulu.

Travel Tips: Always purchase travel insurance! Make photocopies of important documents. Take lots of photos!

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport (not in my suitcase).

My dream holiday: Because I love history I would travel all around Europe to learn about events that happened in the past and visit monuments. Or go on an archaeology volunteering trip!


Mark Bannaag - Travel Consultant

Places I've visited: Philippines, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Fiji, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns)

Favourite travel destination: Philippines (My home country), I still have few islands and beautiful spots that I haven’t visited yet, like Palawan, Caramoan Islands, Higantes Islands, Camiguin Islands, Bohol, and etc.

Why? It’s composed of 7,107 beautiful islands and of course just keeping in touch with my roots. 

Most memorable travel experience: I think it would be our Fiji Trip in 2015 and what made it memorable was the people that we’ve met in Nadi. They were so welcoming and invited us to join a “kava” ceremony and just relaxing together with the locals.

Travel Tips: Don’t forget your passport, phone charger and neck pillow. Also, travel light and bring only the essentials and make sure you have a fair bit of room for souvenirs. 

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My passport, my phone charger and my sleep mask (can't sleep without it).

The best thing about my job is: I must say, apart from creating a fantastic trip for our valued clients, it is very humbling to know that you are working for an agency that gives back part of their proceeds to underprivileged communities in impoverished countries.

My dream holiday: To tour around the world and experience different cultures and traditions. We only live once so spread your wings and travel.



Sam Buchanan - Travel Consultant

Places I've visited: Nowhere out of Australia as of yet! Perth, Rottnest Island, WA, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast and every shop in Melbourne ;)

Favourite travel destination: 
Byron Bay by far, I am there at least once a year and it never fails to amaze me. 

Why? The scenery is amazing and the vibe from the town makes you feel like you belong. My Nan lives very close to Byron so we travel there quite a bit. The night life is as busy as during the day and the weather is always gorgeous (even when it’s storming!)

Most memorable travel experience: I travelled in mid 2017 to Northern NSW for Splendour in the Grass with two of my really good friends. We spent just under two weeks traveling around and then attending the festival. It was insanely fun but also extremely tiring.

Travel Tips: Do not make a plan, go with the flow. You’re on holiday! Always have check in baggage, you will always come back with more than you came with. 

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My portable speakers. No matter where I go, I need my music. 

My dream holiday: 
To go to Innsbruck in Austria where my grandfather grew up. I want see what he experienced as a child after the war. Plus the winter is like a wonderland and who doesn’t want to go to a gorgeous city while it’s snowing.


Amber CY Tsai - Social Media & Digital Marketing

Places I've visited: Australia (Exchange in Brisbane, road trip at East Coast, Lived in Tasmania), Canada (Calgary 2 times), Denmark, UK, Scotland, France, Germany, Guam (3 times), Hong Kong, Macao, Iceland, Indonesia (Bali 2 times), Japan (3 times, Tokyo, Hokaito, Osaka, Kyoto), Malaysia (2 times, Penang, KL), Netherlands, Norway (Lived in Tromsø for 5 months), Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United States

Favourite travel destination: Tasmania, Tromsø & Taiwan

Why? I love being a nomad, keep moving and exploring, but there is nothing can beat the time when I’m with my friends and family.

Most memorable travel experience: Where should I start!? I love both of my exchange experiences in Brisbane and Tromsø, both feel like half year of holiday time with best friends!!!

But I would say couchsurfing in Europe is probably the most adventurous and meaningful trip for me as the people I met along the journey are just all living books and inspiration to me.

Travel Tips: Google map is your good friend. If you’re young, carry a big backpack with you instead of a suitcase when you’re travelling in Europe.

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: iPhone, GoPro, light-weight shoes.

The best thing about my job is: Lovely people! So much to learn from them while helping and exploring the opportunities for Travel with a Cause. And not to mention TWAC’s mission, helping out and travelling are identical to my passion.

My dream holiday: Surfing Holiday, just surfing everyday whole day, surf, eat, surf, eat, sleep and surf. 


Peggy ZHU - Information Technology Technician/ Business Developer

Places I’ve visited: Europe, Russia, Saipan, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Melbourne, Sydney, Uluru, Coober Pedy, Alice Spring, Adelaide, Gold Coast

Favourite travel destination: Saipan

Why?: Saipan is the cleanest place I've ever seen, the sky is blue and the water is clear. In Saipan, you'll experience those unusual problems in a setting that is quite spectacularly beautiful, with beaches, scuba diving, golf, festivals, hiking, history, wildlife, still more beaches, a charmingly weird mascot and year-round temperatures in the 80s.

Most memorable travel experience:  Watching a volcano exploding in Vanuatu

Travel Tips: Always buy travel insurance

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: My camera sets

My dream holiday: I fell in love with Japanese fashion style when I was in high school, I love their design and cutting. So my dream holiday is crazy shopping in Japan.

Rex Luo - Videographer / Business Developer

Places I’ve visited: China, Thailand, United States (New York, Boston, New Jersey, Washington)´╝îMelbourne, Sydney, Tasmania

Favourite travel destination: New York

Why?:  I was staying in New York for about two months. Meanwhile, I was spending a lot of time to walking around the city and there were so many little things inspiring me at that time. I used my camera to capture those precious memories.

Travel Tips: Don't stick to your travel plan:)

When I go on a holiday, the first thing I pack is: Passport and camera sets

The best thing about my job is: Our friendly team. Additionally, I am able to work across many aspects of TWAC, therefore i am not only limited in accounting. Also, I am learning about how this business runs and absorbing the professional knowledge within the travel/tourism industry.

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