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Tasmania 4 Day Tour 塔州经典四日游

4 days from $530.00* pp
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Enjoy this fantastic 4 day tour of Tasmania. See the iconic sights of Hobart, Tasman Peninsula, East Coast, Derwent Valley and Coal River Valley.


DAY 1       Hobart City Sightseeing
Stop at Salamanca Square well-known for its vibrant mix of restaurants, boutique stores and heritage buildings. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and discover an impressive collection of plants dating back to the nineteenth century. Drive to Wellington Park to see Mount Wellington, a mountain that ores spectacular views of the city below. Later, we drop in to Cascade Beer Factory and observe the brewing process in making one of Tasmania’s most famous beers. Lastly you can visit the oldest Casino in Australia by your own arrangement after tour.

DAY 2     Tasman Peninsula > Port Arthur Cruise
Journey to the Tasman Peninsula and Visit local attractions like the Remarkable Cave, Palmers Lookout and Nubeena and go on a cruise around Port Arthur, which was once a notorious place famous for its convict settlement in the 1800s. See the chilling Penitentiary and Separate Prison amongst a number of other landmarks and learn about the life of the convict’s conned within the walls of these buildings.

DAY 3 Kate’s Berry Farm>Swansea >Freycinet Peninsula>Wineglass Bay
Pay a visit to Kate Orchard and indulge in their delicious fresh berries. You will have the opportunity to sample some of their chocolates, jams and sweets produced in-house. We then travel onwards to Freycinet Peninsula, a 38km long stretch of pristine coastland. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, aquamarine waters and lush forests and vegetation, this peninsula is also home to Wineglass Bay, considered to be one of the best beaches in the world. In the afternoon, we cross over the town of Swansea.

DAY 4   Mt Field National Park+ Richmond 
In the morning, we make our way to Mount Field National Park which is the oldest nature and heritage reserve national park in Tasmania. Take a walk in the ancient rainforest, where this easy walk will take you to the famous Russell Falls. Then head to explore the town of Richmond, a fascinating town deeply-rooted in colonial history. This area consists of a number of significant heritage landmarks, such as the Richmond Bridge, St John’s Catholic Church and the oldest Post Office in Australia.

from $530/ person        Tipping AUD5/day   payable to the local tour guide

3 star Motel accommodation (including breakfast), standard room
Airport and hotel transfer
Coach transportation
Mandarin or English tour guide
Tipping AUD5/day payable to the local tour guide
Travel insurance (recommended)

Tipping AUD5/day payable to the local tour guide
Entry fee into Port Arthur 
Travel insurance (recommended)


第一天 霍巴特城市游 
行程: 皇家植物园-州立博物馆-萨拉曼卡广场-威灵顿山-赌场-啤酒厂-生蚝养殖场 

简介:霍巴特位于德文特河的入海口,始建于1803 年,是澳大利亚第二古老的城市。 我们早上首先驱车前往美丽的皇家植物园。皇家植物园毗邻习近平主席曾经到访过的塔斯马尼亚总督府,始建于1818年, 是澳洲第二古老的植物园。这里既有当地的各种植物,还有来自欧洲,亚洲,非洲甚至南极的植物,常被作为婚礼举办场地的兰花馆里各种花卉更是美不胜收。而后我们参观塔斯马尼亚州立博物馆,这里陈列有丰富的当地动物,植物和矿物标本以及早期南极考察,造币,民俗和工艺品,可谓包罗万象。接下来我们将游览萨拉曼卡广场。下午我们将登上海拔1270 米的威灵顿山,这里是俯瞰霍巴特全景和附近海域的绝佳位置,也是习近平主席曾到过的地方。接下来我们将游览澳大利亚最古老的啤酒厂,在这里您将有机会品尝不同口味的澳洲啤酒。最后我们将前往澳大利亚第一家赌场游览。我们还将根据客人的要求选择性前往生蚝养殖场和鲍鱼加工厂。 

第二天 塔斯曼岛+亚瑟港 

行程: 阿瑟港监狱游,塔司曼拱洞, 魔鬼厨房,棋盘石,喷水洞 

简介亚瑟港(Port Arthur)是殖民时代流放罪犯的遗址,19世纪南半球最大的监狱,也是澳洲目前保存最完好的监狱古迹。亚瑟港的人文历史和塔斯曼半岛的美丽风景成为塔斯马尼亚最著名的旅游热点之一。每一位前往塔斯马尼亚的游客都会专程到访亚瑟港。主要景点包括:当年犯人建造的古式教堂,监狱长寓所,牢房,隔离监狱和守卫塔等。这里还有一个充满奇特风格的监狱博物馆,里面展出许多当年的图片和实物,包括犯人的囚衣,鞭子和锁链等。去往阿瑟港监狱途中,我们还将游览塔司曼半岛四大自然奇观:塔司曼拱洞,魔鬼厨房,棋盘石,喷水洞。 

第三天 东海岸 - 酒杯湾 


简介:酒杯湾位于塔斯马尼亚东海岸的費辛娜半島(Freycinet Peninsula),美国旅游杂志《Outside》在1999 年将酒杯湾(WINEGLASS BAY)誉为“世界十大海滩”之一。酒杯湾白色沙滩和蓝绿色海洋的完美曲线构成令人难忘的画面,远远望去就像是一杯蓝绿的美酒,等待路人品尝。 酒杯湾微风吹拂,海浪轻轻拍打海滩,海滩上还会新奇的发现形状各异的贝壳。躲在层层群山后面,沙滩与塔斯曼海形成轮廓分明的半月形状,从酒杯湾瞭望台(Wineglass Bay Lookout)上看,仿佛就是一个天然的葡萄酒杯。只不过要登到山顶看全貌大约往返需要1个半小时左右。 在酒杯湾的停车场您还有幸与野生袋鼠亲密接触。 途中还将游览果酱农场,海滨小镇斯旺西、寇斯湾、蜜月湾等。 

第四天 菲尔德山—古镇里奇蒙 


简介:早晨首先前往费尔德山国家公园,这里是澳洲第二古老的自然保护区,也是塔斯马尼亚最老的自然保护区,拥有全球保护最好的温带原始雨林。在这里既有参天的古老桉树,又有美丽壮观的罗素瀑布。由于这里森林茂盛富含负氧离子,又被成为天然氧吧。下午驱车前往澳大利亚保护最完好的里奇蒙古镇,在这里您将游览澳洲最早的建于1823年的石拱桥和建于1836年的天主教教堂。小镇上古老的面包房和甜品店,也是游客的好去处。 这里也是香港电影“再一次心跳”的取景地。 

参团价格:$530起/人           司机兼导游小费:$5 /人/天

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