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Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation

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For the turtle species to continue to exist, much help is needed from both local communities and volunteers. One way in which you can help is to assist during the turtle-nesting season, and this turtle conservation project in Costa Rica provides you with the opportunity to do just that.


The main goal of this project is to ensure the protection of various turtle species on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica. These turtles face numerous threats, including poachers and, more recently, erosion. Each season, this project recruits volunteers to help with research and conservation work, such as night patrolling, working in the hatcheries, collecting eggs and rescuing turtles.

  • Releasing tiny baby turtles into the sea
  • Helping to construct a turtle hatchery
  • Collecting eggs you find on the beach, and taking them to the hatchery (“vivero”) for protection
  • Searching for marked turtles and collecting data
  • Live on the pacific coast of central America with it’s beautiful beaches

Duration: 1 week

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